It’s been a big brow week here in Vogeltown (pop: 900 odd). I’ve had a bunch of brow shaping and tinting clients this week, so let’s talk about brows shall we, fun wee furry face fillers that they are.

Brows can add so much to the face - framing and balancing features, even adding a feature if you like a strong brow. But if done poorly they can also take a lot away from the face, mainly attention from your beloved eyes. People might not realise that their eyes are drawn to your off balance brows, but they are. Too far apart, over plucked, or uneven brows won’t be doing anything for your face.

Brows are a tricky one to pose rules for, and oh lordy do you see a lot of rules about how your brows should look. Take all the publicity brows have been getting of late. The Power Brow a la Cara Delevingne. So much chat about bold brows, but really? They’re just another fashion trend. Bold brows are going to suit women with bold features; if you have delicate features you are likely going to need a more delicate brow so as not to overpower your face. It’s all about proportion. Which is where the biggest brow myth comes along.

How do you work out your perfect brow shape? Go get yourself a pencil/cuticle stick/makeup brush and hold it vertically from the edge of your nose up to your eyebrow. Make a mark where the inside of the pencil meets your brow. That is where your brow should start…

the wrong way to shape your brows

Can I just stop you right there.

In a world where all noses are slim and aquiline this would quite possibly be a great rule. But our wee earthling noses? They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Say you’ve got a wide nose - using the above rule you’re going to end up brows that are further apart than they need to be. And your nose? It’s going to look even wider due to the proportions of your brows. If you take your brows in a little closer, your nose will look slimmer. Proportions baby!

So, in my world a better guideline for where to start your brows is to take that pencil and place it so the vertical line is going from the middle of your nostril up to your eyebrow. There will always be brows that need an adjustment to this, based on face shape, eye shape, feature placement or what cycle the moon is in, but this will work as a much better guideline for the majority of peeps.

Now that you’ve moved that pencil in a little, have you found your brows lacking? Are they just a tad too far apart?

Let’s fix that.

Grow those suckers. It’ll require a lot of patience and willpower but it will happen. Don’t pluck between your brows, just forget that you own tweezers. You’ll start to notice some fine hairs growing in after a couple of weeks* and what we want to do is strengthen those hairs until they are as good and strong as your other brow hairs. This strengthening can be done in a couple of ways:

1. From the inside.
Biotin (vitamin B7) helps improve keratin’s infrastructure so can assist with boosting hair volume . Don’t quote me that it will work wonders on your eyebrows, but I also suffer from broken nails and hair loss so I take it to not feel like my body is falling apart when I’m stressed out.
My choice - Blackmores Nails, Hair & Skin RRP NZ$26.70

2. From the outside:
There are a multitude of brow growth serums flooding the market these days. Most use peptides to stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hairs as they come through. I’ve been using Revitabrow (after my success with Revitalash) and it’s brilliant. I’ll do a before and after of my brow journey as part of my post next week.
My choice - Revitabrow RRP NZ$145

If you’re lacking in cash you can try out an old school home remedy for brow growth. Comb some castor oil through your brows before bed.

*If you get a hair growing out of line, as in quite far away from your brows but within the guide of where you want your hair, you have my permission to pluck it out until such a time as the other hairs have grown in.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried to grow out your brows, was it a success?

Next week I’m going to show you how to fill in your brows without looking like an angry baby while this whole growing out process is going on so stay tuned.