Welcome to the Behind My Shower Curtain - January edition. Here’s a run down of my favourite product finds for the first month of 2015.

Redken Wax Blast

This is the product that I’ve been on the hunt for for years. Probably for as long as my hair has been in a bob/lob which is pretty much constantly since I was 8. I prefer a messyish approach to my hair, a tousled slightly unkempt look, which to achieve I need to apply some sort of wax product through the ends to get a piecey look. But I’ve found most waxes a bit heavy, or not heavy enough, or too wet, or too dry (total Goldilocks syndrome) so my hair inevitably ends up in a ponytail/top knot type of situation. With Wax Blast, Redken have created a game changer for me. It’s a spray wax, so you get a nice light coverage of product where you want it (the ends) and the texture it gives is brilliant. If you like slightly tousled beachy waves, get ye to a Redken salon and pick some of this brilliance up.

Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-Luscious SPF25 Lip Protectant (Glossy Pink Tint)

I was put on to this product by Rae Morris after I wrote this on the best lip balms ever. It’s a delightful lip balm, with sun protection of SPF 25, a glorious light pinky colour and a delicious fruity taste. I’ve been using it when I’m meeting people during the day and want sun protection with a hint of colour on my lips. Although it includes shea butter and vitamin E in its ingredient list, I’m still reaching for my Bobbi Brown lip balm if my lips are dehydrated and I’m wanting a super hydrating product. But it’s brilliant stuff for a pretty pinky shine when you’re not feeling up to a full colour lippie..

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil To Go

I have a really truely terrible habit of picking at my cuticles which seems to be getting progressively worse. I think the more I pick the drier my cuticles get which provides more to pick at. It’s bad. And unsightly (both the picking and my cuticles). Cue my cuticle restoration project of 2015, which is one of my resolutions for the year. I’m mid way through writing up a longer, more indepth post about my nail routine, but had to mention this wee gem here and now I love it so much. I picked it up duty free on my way back from Brisbane last year but I have since seen it at a Wellington pharmacy, so am pretty sure it’s available widely. Great news cos I’m almost through my tube.So what is it?
OPIs amazing cuticle oil, but in a tube with a wee brush applicator. Prior to finding this I would cart a tiny bottle of the cuticle oil around in my handbag. Those bottles are really not made for portability, but at least the fragrance is pleasing to my olafactory senses when it leaked (kinda took me back to the 90’s when every pulse point was exuding Issey Miyake). The product in the tube is still an oil but it’s held in some type of more viscous carrier to ease the application. You squeeze the tube and product comes out onto the brush from which you can apply to your nails. It sort of melts into an oily texture when you rub it in to your cuticles. Easy. Love it. Instead of picking at my cuticles I am now consciously reaching for this.
Are there any products you’ve been loving so far this year? Let me in on your loves in the comments below!