I’m spending a bit of time on planes over the next couple of months. Like I flew to Auckland on Saturday, and on to Adelaide on Sunday. I flew back to Welly via Sydney on Tuesday and then headed to Christchurch on Wednesday. I get back home on Saturday night. Not to be one of those people who is all “I’m such a global traveller and it’s so very horrible, FML” or anything. But.
Work trips aren’t really all they’re cracked up to be. Especially for the skin. Spend a couple of hours on a plane and then a couple of nights in a beautifully cooled (by air conditioning) hotel room, add to that differences in each locations weather/humidity, and an unstable diet and my skin goes a bit bonkers. Dehydration bonkers.

Dehydration is a skin condition which can hit anyone. If you don’t have enough water in the skin you’ll start to see some adverse effects. This can hit at the foundation level, where all looks amazing and glowy when you first apply but two hours later your skin is looking like an arid desert, or you have no foundation left on your skin, as it’s taken any water component in the foundation in an effort to rehydrate.

The thing is, most foundations are targeted to skin types, the whole dry/combo/oily thing which is to do with the oil/sebum levels in the skin rather than hydration levels. You might be dry and so choose a foundation targeted at dry skin. So lack of oil. If you’re dehydrated too, unless you address that concern in your skin care the foundation won’t be looking very good after an hour or two.

So how to aleviate this condition? Whether you need a hydration boost because of travel, weather conditions, or being an avid snow bunny (which I also am), you’ll need to up the water levels in your skin. The easiest way to do this is by including some kind of hyaluronic acid rich product into your skin care regime.

I’ve raved before about Hydraluron, and I do still love it. And use it when I remember. I’m big on using this as skin prep for any makeup applications I do as there’s nothing worse than doing a beautiful makeup on a normal looking skin/skin I’ve been told is normal and then having the foundation go patchy, or looking dry once I’ve finished. Skin has got to have glow! What I have also started doing is adding in a spritz of Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray, both under and over the Hydraluron to give the hyaluronic acid some moisture to grab and distribute to the skin. Love it.

On myself I’m a bit lazy so will use a hydrating face mask, not on flights as all the super fancy, well-travelled women would do (that would require me reapplying some kind of makeup were I to be going straight from the airport to my job which I usually am), but more as a night repair leave on treatment type thing. So I cleanse, tone, and then apply the mask. Before I go to bed I’ll massage in any excess and ¬†apply an eye cream as my eye area is well known for being terribly hydrated. I wake in the morning and all is well, my skin is plump and smooth and feeling wonderful. My hydrating mask of choice is at the moment the Guerlain Super Aqua mask. It feels pretty amazing and socks it to my dehydrateyness.

One thing you’ll notice all of these hydrating products have in common, they all feel cooling, light weight and almost water like on the skin. No super rich creams here. I’m not sure whether it has been a conscious decision by all of the brands to infuse their hydrating ranges with coolness but it works. Most of them feel like a literal ‘drink of water for the skin’. Which is also the line you’ll most likely be provided with if you front up to a counter to buy some of this gear.

So it definitely is a good plan to have a hydrating treatment on hand, whether that be a serum, spritz, mask, or some other H2O filled goodie. You don’t need to be using it all the time necessarily, but I’d definitely pop it into your skin care routine at least once a week to keep those dehydratey gremlins at bay.

Has anyone tried out the Neutrogena hydrating range? I haven’t yet but it’s a pretty sweet price point if you’re not wanting to spend a fortune on your hydrating prodz. Let me know in the comments. I’ll see if I can grab some to trial in the next month or so if you haven’t.