I had a very fun wedding party the other Saturday…
While I was midway through one of the bridesmaid’s makeup, she hit me up about something she’d seen on the Pinstagram where a woman had applied red lipstick all the way around her eyes to rid herself of dark circles. Yep I’ve seen pics of that one too. Yep it made it to Stuff.co.nz’s Beauty section.
And then I was driving somewhere listening to a makeup artist on the radio be quizzed about her top tricks. And she goes and mentions that she has seen a trick lately where someone used red lipstick around their eyes and how it looked amazing. Instagram strikes again. Sigh.
My take on this: Brilliant attempt at multi purposing a makeup product by that lady, all power to her. From what I’ve seen it’s a very red lipstick. And she looks to be of Indian origin, with quite a dark, yellow/olive toned skin. A skin tone where dark circles become a rather blackish purpley grey, rather than your stock standard bluey purple. The thing that works on her skin tone is not going to work on most other skin tones. Also - have you swatched lipstick on your hand and then rubbed it off? Depending on the pigment quality you’ll have that shit on your hand for a good few washes. Also – the texture of lipstick is made for the lips, it’s not really going to sit well under your eyes, the area that can be the driest on your face. It’ll either be too drying if you use a lippie of the long lasting variety, or too emollient if you use a creamy lip colour. Nobody wants to look dry under the eye. And nobody wants red lipstick travelling into the fine lines around their eyes in a new form of lipstick bleeding torture. I’ve got all of the ‘alsos’, all of the objections. As likely do the Opthamologists (eye doctors) out there, none of whom I have seen blessing the use of a lip product around the crazy sensitive eye area.
The other important thing is that using colour to counteract colour is nothing new to makeup artists, who have been using colour correctors for eons. Think of your colour wheel – the greens will block out redness, the purples will counteract sallowness. And yep there are pinks and peaches to cut the dark circles under your eyes too - go to any makeup artist brand (your Bobbis and MACs and Make Up Forevers) and you’ll find such products. These products are made for use around the eye, they are generally Opthomologist tested, and made to withstand the skin conditions that plague the eye area.
The general rule when choosing a corrector is the darker your under eye colour and the darker your skin tone, the more colour/pigment you should go for. So if you’ve got just a smudge of light blue/purple under the eye and you’re fairly pale skinned you’d be looking to use a pale pink or peach. If you’ve got quite deep purple colour under your eyes and you have a warm olive skin tone you’d want to use a mid toned pink or peach. Brush the corrector only on the areas where there is darkness under the eye, pat it gently and then layer your concealer or foundation on top.
Where you might run into trouble and have to call in help from the pros to get your colours just right is if you are super dark under your eyes but have a fair skin tone. You’ll tend to need a mid toned pink or peach to counteract the colour under your eye but you might need to play around with your concealer colour to get the end result matching your skin tone. If in doubt pop into a counter and always check out the colours the artist is recommending in natural daylight. If you can still see darkness/colour under the eye you might want to get a second opinion.
Do you use a corrector? If you’ve got a question around corrector, or want some guidance on what colours you should be looking for, let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to help you out!