Mascara. The product that helps frame your eyes and finish off a polished makeup look. Also the product that can make you look extra tired when it ends up smudged under your eyes. Even waterproof, super unbudgable mascaras can smudge if they mix with residual eye cream, oil from a concealer or oily eyelids, which makes sense when you think that you normally use an oil based makeup remover to remove that hard core waterproof gear. But once it’s smudged down under your eyes and you don’t have any remover on hand just try to clean it off. It’s damn near impossible.

So for outings into muggy humid weather, occasions when there might be tears or eye rubbing, or pretty much anytime I’m using mascara, I love to use something called a tubular mascara. These beauties coat the lashes with a flexible polymer which is immune to oil, sweat and tears. But it can be removed at the end of the day super easily with your fingers and some warm water. After cleansing your face wet your thumb and index finger with warm water and gently pull through your lashes, the mascara will come off in wee plastic-like tubes. Easy.

You’ll find that most brands nowadays do a tubular mascara. I’ve tried several but have yet to find a drugstore brand with a tubing mascara in stock when I’ve been shopping so still have a bit of experimentation to do to find a good cheapie version. The best tubing mascara I’ve found so far that I can highly recommend are:

Clinique tubing mascara

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara
I use this mascara and have been so for the last two years. I love that it gives good curl - the brush is curved which encourages the lashes into a lovely c-shape. It also adds some good length to my tiny stumpy lashes.

MAC tubing mascara

MAC Extended Play Mascara
This guy has quite a tiny, thin little brush which makes it perfect for coating the lashes on the inner corners of your eyes and your bottom lashes. It would also be perfect if you have sparse little lashes as you can get right in to the base of your lashes with this brush. If you’ve got a super duper non-smudging mascara that you love for your top lashes then this could be a go to use on your bottom lashes (if you’ve got the cash and the will to be a two mascara face).

Some other options that I don’t have as much experience with are:

Bobbi Brown tubing mascara

Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara
I used Bobbi’s Perfectly Defined Mascara for years and loved it. I think the Intensifying Long-Wear is an updated version of the Perfectly Defined (Bobbi has been reformulating a few of her products over the past few years) and if so it’s definitely worth a try.

L'Oreal tubing mascara

L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes
I’ve heard from various sources about the L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara, but haven’t been able to find it in stores anywhere to actually try it out. I have found it online here, however as I’m mascara rich at the moment I haven’t gone ahead and purchased it to try. I’m also a little put off by having to apply two different parts - the base and the black tubey coating. But it does get rave reviews for how it lengthens lashes so if your lashes are on the short side and you’re not wanting to splash out a bunch of cash pick this guy up.

Have you tried tubing mascaras? I’d love to add to my list if you’ve used any other brands. Let me know in the comments below.